Hi, I’m Cappuccino, but my friends call me Cappy –
you can call me Cappy too. I am a 10 year old
buckskin pony. My favorite thing about coming to
parties is seeing all the kids. My mom,"Ms Lesley",
says I am pretty big pony  so I can ride even the
bigger kids. I have given rides to little kids, big kids
and even moms and dads! Sometimes I even have
to laugh!!! I always enjoy a pet on the neck or a big
hug. I promise to do my best to make your party fun
and safe.                                                                  
Looking forward to meeting you at YOUR next event!
Well Hello there!!! I’m “Dobey the
Magnificent” Yes, I know I’m not a pony. I am,
without a doubt, the most amazing animal
here at Pony Pals. I am a goat who thinks he
is a dog. I walk on a leash and love to follow
people everywhere. If I come to your party, all
the kids can take turns leading me around,
petting me and HOPEFULLY feeding me
Please ask Ms. Lesley to bring me to your
party with my pony friends.
Goats Rule!!!

Looking forward to meeting you at YOUR
next event!
Pony Pals
Pony Parties
Fayetteville, GA
Hi, I'm Casper "the friendly pony"!
I am snow white and I have 2 blue eyes! I
think that makes me kind of special, don't
you? My friends say I look like a pony
from a fairy tale. I love to dress up as "My
Little Pony". I also make a perfect
princess pony. My favorite thing to do is
turn into a unicorn for some of the
parties!! Just ask Ms Lesley about that
when you call her.

I can't wait to meet you at your next
Pony Love,
Hi there! My name is Frisco
but I'm known around town as
"The Frisco Kid". I may be the
smallest pony here at Pony
Pals, but I know I have the
biggest heart! My job is to take
care of the little kids at our
parties and I take my job
VERY seriously. Please ask
Ms Lesley to bring me to your
next event!!!!

Looking Forward to meeting
you soon!!

Pony Nickers,
Dobey the Magnificent
My name is "Shasta". I'm the
diva here at Pony Pals. I am a
golden palomino- the color of
the sun. Going to pony parties
is my favorite thing to do, next
to eating of course ;) I love
seeing the kids SOOO happy .
I think I look really pretty so be
sure to take a lot of pictures
when I come to your party!
See, I told you I was a diva;)
Hope to see you soon!

Pony Kisses,
Hi it's me Mocha, I am a
buckskin and white paint pony
the color of mocha- that's how
i got m name. ( Plus i think Ms
Lesley  really likes coffee! I
would LOVE to meet you at
your next party!
Please, please, please be
sure to give me lots of petting
because i  love attention
,,,ESPECIALLY from kids!
Hope to see you soon!

Nuzzles and Neighs,
Well hello there! My name Black
Beauty. I had a pretty tough life
before Ms Lesley rescued me.
Now I am sooo happy to get to live
with all friends at Pony Pals! I love
going to parties and seeing all the
kids. I take such good care of them
while they ride. So if you can give
me an extra pet or a big hug that
would make my day!! Can't wait to
see you soon!!!!!

Pony Nickers,